The first ever public meeting of HCC in September 2007

Hope Community Church came into being as the result of an initiative of Rock Baptist Church in Cambridge. Rock had been planted as a new church by Eden Baptist Church (in the city centre) about twenty years earlier. And having grown to about 200 people (adults and children) over that time, it was felt that the time was right to consider planting again, into an area where there was a need for a fresh expression of the Christian faith that would be a service to the local community.

The church already had close links with Tony Sharpe who was one of the few remaining members of Teversham Baptist Church. And over a period of time, after much prayer and consultation, and at the invitation of Tony, it was decided that it would be right to send a small group of people from Rock to start a new work in Teversham.

That was in September 2007. In the intervening years that small band of nine adults has grown to a community of almost fifty – over thirty adults and more than fifteen children as well. At first the church met on Sunday afternoons, alternately in Cherry Hinton and Teversham. Eventually it became clear that the major focus of the new church should be in Teversham and so the chapel was used every Sunday, and now on Sunday mornings and evenings every week. As soon as the work began the people met informally in homes during the week to pray and read the Bible together. This gave more opportunity to get to know one another and to really become a family of God’s people in a way that is much harder in larger meetings.

Al MacInnes had been on the staff of Rock Baptist Church but right from the outset he was asked to take a lead in the new church and he and his wife Rachel were very glad to do so. Al continued to be paid by Rock and split his time between the two churches for the first two years. Eventually it was agreed that the time had come for the new group to become a fully independent church in its own right and so Hope Community Church was officially born in September 2010.

Our first baptism at Hope Community Church

During these early years the church has seen one funeral, one baptism of a newly-converted adult, and numerous thanksgiving services for new babies! We have opened our doors to serve the community by means of mums and toddlers groups, gatherings for senior citizens, and helped out in various practical ways in the life of the school (serving on the governing body, leading assemblies, running an after-school club etc). We also held a Diamond Jubilee celebration event in the summer of 2012.

That is the past – and we are so thankful to God for all he has enabled us to do so far. But that, we trust, is just the beginning. We are praying that Hope Community Church will continue to be a real encouragement and help to the communities of Teversham, Fulbourn and Cherry Hinton as we grow in our love for Jesus Christ and bring his love to those around us.