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Sunday Evenings this Autumn

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This autumn, we will be having more Sunday evening events at Hope Community Church.

Some events will be focused on helping those who are already following Jesus grow in their faith. We will explore the riches of biblical teaching in greater depth and also develop our skills for serving...

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Some thoughts on Advent (and a free resource!)

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Recently, I’ve been thinking about advent and speaking to a couple of different groups about it. I’ve been reminded that although we think of it as something we get ready for over 24 days in December the first Christmas took a lot longer than that to prepare for. Here’s just a tiny selection of the evidence: Micah wrote that a ruler would come from Bethlehem 700 years ahead (5:2); David saw the Messiah’s suffering 1000 years before it occurred (Ps 22); the pagan prophet Balaam spoke better than he knew, of a star and sceptre rising from Israel (Num 24:17); Jacob...

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Technology to the glory of God?

Posted by on Mar 5, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Technology to the glory of God?

One of the rising trends in technology in the last few years is the dominance of the smartphone and the adoption of tablet computers. Increasingly, this means that many people have devices in their pockets or bags that are more powerful than computers were just a few years before…

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Church Weekend Away

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Church Weekend Away

At the end of half-term week in October, we went away for our first ever residential weekend together as a church.

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