Christianity Explored

If you’d like to explore the basics of the Christian faith or find a place to ask big questions then this is for you. Christianity Explored is a course run by many churches in the UK and around the world that has helped thousands of people get to grips with who Jesus is and why he came. Whether Christianity is completely new to you or you’d like a refresher course on the basics, Christianity Explored is a great way to begin looking into the claims of Jesus and beginning to understand why people down the ages have described the message about Jesus as ‘good news’ for everyone.

At Hope Community Church we love to offer people the chance to explore questions about life and faith and so we are always willing to start a new Christianity Explored course even if we don’t have a regular one that’s starting at a convenient time for you. The course contains seven sessions and we’d encourage you to just come along and try the first and see how you find it before deciding whether you want to continue.

There are no assumptions made about what you know or what you believe, you don’t need to know anything about the Bible or church, you won’t be asked to do anything embarrassing. Whatever your starting point, we are confident that this is a great way to find out more about the most significant person in human history and to understand what he means for us today. Please get in touch for more